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Service overview

What are Crowdo Links?

Crowdo links are contextual replies placed on active forums & communities that link to your website in an organic way.
✅ Every link and surrounding content is 100% relevant to your niche (some of our clients get a lot of referral traffic and even sales from our posts)
✅ All the donor websites have high moderation, low spam score and strong domains
✅ Besides English, we work with other languages, such as German, French, and Spanish.

Let’s talk numbers

Our portfolio includes over 12,000 active communities for placing backlinks to your website.
Let’s get more specific and look at their metrics:


Average DA


Average TF


Average monthly traffic


We work with almost every niche & market you can think of.
Below, you can find a breakdown of the niches popular among our customers:

A few examples

Sample 1 (English)

As you can see, our target keyword here is “baby clothing”. This keyword contains a link placed on a popular childcare forum. Not only is the thread relevant, but so is the entire website.
Website metrics: 90 DA, 27 TF, 10 million monthly visitors

Sample 2 (English)

In this example, the anchor text is “lawyer company”. Again, we posted an organic reply and added a backlink to the forum thread, related to our target niche - legal services.
Website metrics: 56 DA, 45 TF, 1.2 million monthly visitors

Sample 3 (German)

In this example, we have a bare URL that leads to our website. We have posted a long contextual reply about photography on a popular German photography community.
Website metrics: 64 DA, 56 TF, 200K monthly visitors

Want to see more?

If you need more information - check out our full report that contains multiple examples of the links, keywords and metrics across various niches.
P.s - you will find samples in different languages

The next steps

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Other services

We offer a variety of other services that can take your SEO to the next level!

Quora & Reddit Promotion Service

Our team searches for trending discussions and creates thematic posts that link to your website.

Best For: Website owners who want to increase referral traffic and brand awareness

Starts from $9.99 per link

Foundation Links

Our team leverages popular directories, bookmark websites, and other web 2.0 sources to place backlinks for your website.

Best For: Website owners who want to diversify their backlink profile and rank for low-competition keywords.

Starts from $1.99 per link

Outreach Guest Posting Service

Our team writes an article with a link to your website and reaches out to blog owners to arrange a submission.

Best For: Website owners who want to grow their domain ranking and establish niche authority

Starts from $149 per post

Local SEO

Our team reviews your website first, then optimizes your listing across local directories, while also building citations and backlinks.

Best For: Website owners who want to increase their ranking in a specific geographical location

Starts from $149


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